It's Christmas time in Mouseland (set circa 2002-2005), and Angelina really wants to play the lead in Cinderella Mouse And the Ugly Whiskers. But there's only one problem. She has to sing to get to play Cinderella and is very afraid of singing in public. Priscilla Pinkpaws is chosen to play Cinderella Mouse because of her beautiful singing voice, and Angelina is cast as the Wicked Stepmouse much to her dismay.

Angelina is angered about losing the lead to Priscilla in the musical. Miss Lilly drops into Angelina's cottage and tells her that she has to think horrid to be the Wicked Stepmouse and she'll be a star. Angelina thinks Miss Lilly is right, but instead of sticking to her role, she's going to try to get the very strict Mr. Operatski to recast her as Cinderella and Priscilla as the Wicked Stepmouse.

During rehearsal, she does her best to steal the role of Cinderella from Priscilla. First she sings in her sweetest voice. Then she dances with Priscilla during the ballroom scene. Last she dances gracefully. Miss Lilly scolds her for doing all this just to play Cinderella, and Angelina then loses her temper and quits the show. This leads to Miss Lilly being re-cast as the Wicked Stepmouse.

Then a tobaggan race between Angelina and Priscilla goes bad when Miss Lilly gets hurt. Because Angelina had quit the show to avoid playing the Wicked Stepmouse and Miss Lilly can't dance, Mr. Operatski decides to catch the first train out of Chipping Cheddar! Angelina is terrfied and realizes how selfish she'd been. If she'd stuck to playing the Wicked Stepmouse, this wouldn't have happened. What is she to do?

This special was aired on most PBS stations in Christmas 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 and then it stopped airing entirely, did'nt even air on Sprout.